At the request of some Land Rover owners we developed our own fuel tank guard, we made ours out of steel for the simple reason that this slides over the rocks and it will not bite in to the stone.

This summer we did have a Rolls Royce 20/25 in our shop, engine didn't wanted to fire up and left rear door wasn't hanging and closing the way it should.

Beginning of September 2016, Sports Car Centre in combination with the Weird Little Car Club organized a track event, this event toke place at the venue of Jay Esterer a local race car enthusiast and private race track owner. The event was organized on...

We did get for our shop a odd duck in, a 1926 Ford Model T 4 seater, this came in for a out of province inspection, the owner did almost all the work himself and he did a wonderful job.

We did get a Disco in for a inspection and one off the noticeable problems was the amount of free-play in the wiper mechanism, further inspection pointed towards wiper motor holder mounting plate,
From the factory this is a metal plate and the mount for

Our normal procedure for stripping a engine starts with draining the oil, and removing all build on components like , oil filter housing, oil pressure lines, starter motor, etc. When we removed the exhaust manifolds it was surprise to see....

Premium is the fuel that has to be used and even then pay attention that it doesn’t contain Ethanol,
This additive attracts moister in the fuel and the result is that all metal parts in the fuel system will start to rust, another problem is that it...

Owner purchased this car a couple of months ago, the previous owner brought the car to a shop and they started a mechanical restoration, and stopped. Ten year later and the car was brought into our shop.