These tiny bulbs can be a bone of contention. They are on most classic cars somewhere and usually difficult to replace and almost totally ineffective. These are wide-angled and give a healthy amount of clean, white light.

For the first time ever we can offer our wide angle LED upgrade for the old (and useless) BA7S bulbs in positive earth and in both white and green.

Many cars from the 50's through to the 70's had green illumination created by allowing bulbs to shine through a piece of green plastic. It was not a recipe for longevity.

This is another world first. Not only can we give you a positive earth version of the old BA7S bulb in super-efficient LED, wide angle format, but we can do it in green. If your car originally had green dash illumination...

If your dashboard has instrument lighting that uses the old 2.2 watt screw bulbs (987) you will be aware that they are hopeless. They generate more heat than light, glow like small candles and fail regularly.

If your car is positive earth, the dash lighting will use the Lucas 987 bulbs, which generates a lot of heat, but very little light. These bulbs will fit straight in and transform your dash.

Most classic cars built before 1970 had green dashboard lighting but as the green plastic filters became baked by the original bulbs and became opaque, it was often removed or fell apart.

If your classic car was built before 1970 it probably started life with green dashboard illumination. This was achieved by allowing the bulbs to shine through a piece of green plastic. The heat from the old Lucas 987 bulbs used to turn the plastic opaque

Inspired by Jaguar's decision to complete the unfinished run of 18 lightweight competition E-Types, we have been working hard to re-create the dash lighting used on these supercars, which was the same as the "C" Type, "D" Type and some of the XK model