Running in Oil is designed to promote and control the bedding in process of newly rebuilt engines. It should be used for the first 300 miles and then replaced with the appropriate grade of HPR or Classic HPR oil.

HYP8090 001

Suitable for most post-1960 hypoid and spiral bevel gear sets where SAE 80, SAE 90 or SAE 80W-90 was specified. Meets requirements of API GL-5.

12 available

Penrite SU Damper Oil is a mineral based oil containing anti-corrosion, anti-wear additives for the lubrication of pistons and dampers, suitable for post 1940 vehicles SU and Stromberg carburettors using a damper in the dashpot assembly LDO00150


For most single and double acting shock absorbers, including lever arm. Ideal for Jackall systems. 500 ml SHOK10005

19 available

A heavier grade to increase the damping rate or to suit non piston type shock absorbers. Ideal for competition use. 500 ml SHOK20005